Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AI Season 9, 02-03-10 The Best of the Hollywood Bound

Boy, Fox must really want Human Target to make it, moving its cash cow back an hour. I watched and was only impressed with Jackie Earle Hayley (because: duh), and whatshisname's pretty blue eyes.

Anyway, we're promised some good auditions. I'll believe it if and when I hear it. And if tonight's kids are the Best of the Best, the others we saw earlier might as well stay home, right?

Just in case you've been on Mars for the last few weeks, Pants on the Ground has become a... well, if not a big hit, at least a recognizable *thing*. We see a pretty good montage of various versions, from Hee Haw, to college a capella, to congressional.

Jessica Furney auditioned in Season 8 with Janis. This time she opts for silver heels and a song written by Simon (which beast I did not know existed). whaddya know... it's a nice song and she has a lovely voice.

There is a whole lot of Amanda Sheckman squashed into that white, strapless tube top. She does "funny" voices but sings nicely in her own, and pulls the bitchface at some constructive criticism that could be helpful if she actually listened to it. I have a feeling that she's going to bring some drama.

On the other hand, Lee Dewayze brings just the right amount of gravel to Ain't No Sunshine.

Crystal Bowersex rocks the dreds to Janis.

I hate the fakeouts- I'd much rather see jubilation. And I just looked at the clock and realized that we've seen four good singers in the first fifteen minutes of the show. Maybe they do mean it.

Lacy Brown was in last year's Top 15, only to be cut for Megan Joy. caw. She tries again with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I don't like this arrangement at all, and she sounded off to me, but she's through.

Stephanie Fisher is certain that her 7th audition will be her lucky one. She's wearing a spangly silver Barbie dress, dark red blush, awful nylons, black and white golf shoes, and too much tanner. Number 7 goes no better for her than #1-6.

16 year olds Rachael Hubbard, Thaddeus Didntcatchhislastname, and Genesis Moore are all through.

Beautiful man flower, Adrian is a 17 year old giant with the voice of a 3 year old girl. But he seems to be a nice young man. A very tall, nice, young, man flower.

Michael Lynche is a personal trainer, and may I say right here and now, that big muscles bore me (strength- yes, freakishly huge biceps-no). He throws far too much embellishment into Unchained Melody, but the judges like him.

The Hub, watching AI in the Central Time Zone, called me an hour ago, telling me to keep an eye out for Didi and Hey Jude. He was mightily impressed. And he was right- singing in honor of her friend Rebecca, Didi is a little tentative at first, but she finishes very strongly. I hope she continues on.

Aaron Kelly, another 16 year old, has a sob story about being taken away from his biological parents and raised by an aunt and uncle (I'm not unsympathetic, just tired of stories that try to overshadow the voice). He chooses Miley Cyrus, who has no discernable talent, but Aaron sings her song very well (much better than Hannah, I'm certain).

There's no way around it, Kimberley Bishop is odd, with her sparkly eyelids and undereye liner, and half of a black dress. She's just plain sad. She also cannot sing.

Shaddaii Harris has a deluded stage mother.

Hope Johnson grew up poor (another sob story). She's a pretty girl with a pretty country voice, and like Aaron above, has plenty of talent.

So, 100k tried out, and 181 made it through to Hollywood.  And wonder of all wonders, nearly every singer featured tonight was worth watching. Next week, we get Ellen, and the start of the real American Idol. I can't wait.

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