Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines and Wine

The must (the mixture of mushed chokecherries, sugar, water, acid, and other additives) came to room temp a lot faster than we expected yesterday.
We couldn't find the mesh bag that we usually use for the fruit in the primary fermentation stage, so we just let the chokecherries float free. That won't hurt anything, though it will make racking to the carboy more complex.

I mixed up a yeast starter (Riesling concentrate, yeast nutrient, packet of wine yeast) and allowed it to percolate for a couple of hours, and then stirred it into the bucket.

Which started bubbling away almost immediately. This is what it looked like this morning- a thick layer of solids on top.

And this is the must after stirring- it's bubbling away merrily, yeast pooping alcohol all over the place. (The yeast eats the sugar, and emits CO2- the bubbles- and alcohol).

I participated in a couple of Valentines exchanges on Ravelry, both from the Knitting, Tea and Cookies group.

For one exchange, we sent a teabag and a valentine to everyone on a list. I got some yummy ones: Rooibos ,
Tazo Wild Sweet Orange, Stash White Peach Oolong, Bigelow White Chocolate KissesHarney & Sons Orange Pekoe, Organic Stash Premium Green Tea, American Classic Tea Charleston Tea Plantation, Eastern Shore Tea Copmpany Jack Frost Herbal Tea,   Eastern Shore Tea Company Victorian Rose,   and  Four O'Clock Organic Fair Trade Black Tea Chai (I couldn't find a link directly to this variety). The weather has been nasty, and I haven't been to the PO for a couple of days, so there may be more goodies waiting for me.

From the larger exchange (I sent tea and handspun yarn), I got a tin of Harvest Herb Tea Chocolate Chai, a lovely teacup and saucer, some adorable pencils, a heart ornament, and sugar free chocolates.

I know what I'll be sipping today. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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