Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Let's see, we have
1 (one): Very pretty sunrise lighting the snow

1 (one): Car that isn't going anywhere

1 (one): Pickup in the same condition

And 1(one): Knitting Blogger about to commence whining about the long winter


Gramma Phyllis said...

That's the problem when there is nothing between you and the North Pole but a few barbed wire fences and the Canadian border, drifts, drifts and more drifts. Hope your vehicles are freed soon and the cabin fever abates a little.

Ruth said...

I've been doing plenty of whining about our snow, and we don't get nearly what you do. But, ours falls straight down and doesn't drift (I even had to explain what drifting was to my kids). That's what caught my eye about your cars--no snow on top!

Love the pics and looking forward to spring!

Beth said...

Hang in there. Make some hot cocoa, grab your knitting and enjoy Am Idol. This is the first season I've ever watched. I'm watching so I can route for my favorite - Aaron Kelly. I saw him sing at a small rural fall foliage festival in central PA and I think he's way better than he has come across thus far on Idol. I look forward to reading your Am Idol summary tomorrow.