Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Cherry Wine, Sock of the Day

Okay, not so sweet, I'm just in a Tommy James and the Shondells mood.

We're starting a 5 gallon batch of chokecherry wine with the 18 lbs of chokecherries that we picked last summer and froze.
They have to thaw and come up to room temp, and we have to pick out bits of leaves that we missed last summer, but come tomorrow night, we should be able to add the yeast, and in 2 days, it should be bubbling away.
We have all of the ingredients, and will add a quart of concentrated Riesling juice (all of our fruit wines have a grape base). And since it's that time of year, we will probably also start a 3 gallon batch of Chablis. Expect many pictures (though not a lot of tasting, since the chokecherry wine won't be good until it ages a few years).

I can't remember what number this Sock of the Day is, so I'm going to stop numbering them. I do know that they were knit from Opal yarn, and I believe the colorway was called Bumblebee, which is now discontinued, and evidently hard to find (so hard to find that I couldn't locate a confirmation of the colorway name. I'm relying on my often faulty memory).

I made them with my usual generic sock pattern (2.75 needles, 60 sts, 15 rnds K2 P2 ribbing, 6" cuff, short row heel, 6" foot, Star Toe), and they've held up pretty well (a minor repair in one heel). Opal yarn machine washes and dries like a dream.

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