Monday, February 1, 2010

Yuma- Day 2

It was beautiful this morning- 50's, and no breeze. My dad keeps apologizing for the chilly weather, and I remind him that it was -11 yesterday morning in South Dakota. Lows in the 50's and highs in the low 70's are perfect. Especially for running outside, which I realized I could do (why use a treadmill when outdoor conditions are just right?) . So I ran 3 times around the RV park, one circuit being about a mile. (yes, I'm bragging- I'll pay for that in a bit, just wait).

I saw lots of cool things:
Resident Black Swans- not nesting at the moment, but they have produced several sets of babies

a beautiful fountain

tall trees

look, but don't touch


I hear there are lots of humming birds here, and I hope to see some (and maybe get a pic). There are many songbirds wintering here, so it sounds beautiful as well.

After my run, I strolled over to the pool for some laps, and arrived just as a water aerobics class was starting. So I joined in, thinking it would be an easy hour of water play.

I got what I deserved for that bit of pride... The regulars handed my butt to me. I was absolutely worn out by the end. If we're not doing anything tomorrow morning, I'll go back for another session (the ladies were wonderful, even when I mangled nearly every move). I WILL figure out how to grab my ankle and hold my leg straight out in front of me, without falling over and floating away.

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