Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yuma- The Last Day

I've lost track of the days- I settled into a routine of running, and then joining the water aerobics class in the morning, and then sightseeing in the afternoon, and a walk or TV in the evening (with knitting in between everything- I accomplished a surprising amount of *book* work this week). I did finally figure out how to do the hamstring stretches without drowning, though it took me a few days. (The regulars were always very polite- turning their heads to giggle at my klutziness)

Yesterday, we visited the Yuma Territorial Prison, which was opened in 1896, and will now be closed in March, due to state budget cuts.

It's a bleak place, and I cannot imagine being locked up here, in the 130 degree summers
crammed 6 to a tiny cell.

In the history of the prison, 39 women were held- a couple for murders, one or two for drug habits, several for burglary, but most for adultery. Yeah, they were locked up in hell for cheating on their husbands. While there, some of the ladies knitted some very fine lace.

The prison is on a hill, overlooking the Colorado River, near the confluence of the Gila River,

with many cactii on the grounds. And this century plant, which is blooming.

After the prison tour, we went to Lute's Casino, a very cool, old-time saloon. You know that the food is good, not so much because of the full tables and lines on the sidewalk, but because the slot machines were being totally  ignored in favor of lunch.

At night, the RV complex where my dad lives (he's a year-rounder) is lit up like a holiday.

And the sunsets are lovely.

I head back to South Dakota and snow tomorrow morning. I've had a wonderful visit, but it'll be good to get home, and to stay there for awhile. I don't anticipate any more trips until I finish work on the book- so I should be in SD through May. I hope.

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