Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AI Season 9- Hollywood Week #1, 02-09-10

You know what? I haven't missed Paula at all, except maybe for the crazy. The only Guest Judge , so far,  worthy of the name, was Neil Patrick Harris (who could seamlessly replace Simon, I think.) Tonight finally is Ellen's debut as a permanent fixture. I'm really looking forward to what she will add to the mix

Ryan declares that this will be the toughest week of these kids' lives, but since more than one is a cancer survivor, I doubt that. We see a montage of happy Ticketeers, but I only recognize a couple of them. Of course, we only saw a fraction of the whole in the first place, so maybe all of the ones they're flashing really are new faces.

The judges line up- unless Simon wears something notable (or out of his ordinary), I'm not going to mention his apparel. Ellen is in Denim, Kara is wearing a massive blue scarf, wrapped several times around her neck, with a black leather jacket, and Randy is in a letterman's sweater.

We start with Katie Stevens, who I liked a lot, and who had a Grandma with Alzheimer's Disease. She's still good, and she gets a nod.

Skiiboskii sings next. I am surprised to find myself enjoying his take on Marvin Gaye, but the judges don't agree with me. On the other hand, maybe his criminal record got in the way of their enjoyment.

After hearing a few of Ellen's comments, I think I'm going to love her. Paula who?

Andrew Garcia reminds me Paula Who, with his amazing folk guitar rendition of Paula's Straight Up. I love love love this- it may be one of the best performances I've ever seen on this show. I would buy this track right now if I could. WOW!

Poor (literally and figuratively) Vanessa Wolfe is so nervous that she can hardly breathe, which makes her performance shaky. She does loosen up toward the end, and her voice has an interesting character that should be explored (and could be helped with lessons and a coach,  I think). But the judges send her home. Her disappointment breaks my heart.

Cornelius Edwards, the pants splitter, is still terrible. Maegan Wright is only okay. Amadeo DiRocco, of the Large Italian Family, begs to no avail.

Janell Wheeler and her guitar are very very good. She gets a pass. As does Haeley Vaughn (former premature baby, I think). I didn't love Haeley's audition, but she's better here, in her strapless foofy dress and lisp.

Rocker (without pink hair) Mary Powers is still trying very very hard. She makes it, but I suspect she won't last.

By the end of Hollywood Day 1, 41 (or 46, I'm not sure) made it through to the next round.

Hollywood Day 2- Ellen is in Oxford blue and Kara is wearing an oddly constructed top.

I hated beat-boxing Jay Stone in his audition, and I hate him even more now. His rejection fills me with glee.

Platinum haired, peacock feathered sandwich maker, Lily Scott, is very good. Sort of Norah Jonseish. She gets a pass.

Personal trainer with the monster guns. Michael Lynche, has a wife in labor. He also sings Waiting very well, and makes it through to another day (as his wife possibly gives birth to their first child without him).

Justin Williams, cancer survivor I believe, sings badly at a keyboard. This is pure lounge lizard and the judges agree.

I don't remember Tim Urban, but the clips remind us (or tell us for the first time) that he had an iffy audition. He sings a different song, strumming a guitar in a tuxedo vest and jeans, and does a pretty good job.

I am so very happy that the Kardashian sisters, and the Barney Dominatrix are sent home.

Maddy Curtis, the 16 year old with the Down's Bros, has a lovely voice, with a clear, pure tone, but the judges don't think she's good enough. I bet we'll see her again next year.

Casey James is a pretty boy (Kara forced him to strip in his audition), and I don't expect much from him, but he and his guitar do very well by the blues.

Didi Benami, the one The Hub called me in Yuma to rave about, seems fragile in her gray strapless dress, red tights and boots. She sings one of Kara's songs, and does a totally wonderful job with it.

I don't remember Crystal Bowersox and her dreds. She looks like she's had a hard life. She sings Natural Woman- and for the second time in one show, I am totally blown away. This is amazing!

There were quite a few good performances tonight, and 3 standouts: Andrew Garcia, Didi Benami, and Crystal Bowersox. I want to see a lot more of all three.

We haven't seen anything of the two South Dakota girls- I hope they made it through. Tomorrow night- groups, which is always brutal.

I love Hollywood Week.

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