Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plane Reading

I've sort of given up knitting on airplanes. I'm a prop-n-throw knitter, and an elbow swinger. The only time I have enough room to knit comfortably is if I am on the right side aisle. And mostly, I get stuck in the middle seat.

So I've taken to reading on the plane (when I don't sleep). On the way to Yuma (and while there, before bed), I read Walter Kirn's Up in the Air.
From the reviews and comments I've seen, the book's tone is slightly different from the movie (which also has additional characters). It was an interesting book, complex and funny. But it was also confusing. I honestly don't know if I understood it.

For the flight home, I picked up Charlaine Harris's An Ice Cold Grave, which is the third Harper Connelly book.

I enjoy this series, which is a lot darker than Charlaine's Sookie Stackhouse books, even though I really don't see the attraction that the 2 main characters have for each other. There is just one more book in this series.

It was a quick read- I finished it before I got to Denver on the way home. So at Stapleton, I found  Dearly Devoted Dexter, which is book 2 in Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series.

The Showtime series matches the books exactly for tone and dark humor, though the story lines have diverged in many ways (some charaters that died in the books, are still alive in the series- which is the same with the Sookie books, come to think of it, some of the dead in the books, died differently in the series, some people have more knowledge of Dexter's true nature in the books). I really enjoy both versions of Dex.

The books have more on-stage violence than the filmed version, and are a tad more unsettling. But that won't stop me from continuing with the series.

I have more books that I want to read (Stephen King's, Sue Grafton's, and Connie Willis's latest), but I probably won't have time in the next couple of months. It's needle time.

oh yeah, and there's that football game this afternoon. Go Colts! or Saints! or Commercials!

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