Thursday, February 25, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 24 Elimination

Black and white angle shots, worried lineups, angst, tears, Simon's criticism... your 24 million votes are in.
This. Is. American. Idol.

Ryan reminds us that four kids are going home, and that Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen will be part of the padding tonight, helping to stretch 10 minutes of purpose into a full hour of Ratings Giant.

Ellen is wearing a white shirt, a black sweater vest and a blue gingham tie. Randy is in a red cardigan with a black armband, and I think he's wearing the same beads that he had on last night. Kara has a plunging pewter neckline and a shiny necklace that is very busy. Simon is in another half-unbuttoned white shirt- this one collarless.

No matter how squicky all of the Kara/Casey stuff makes me feel, I can't imagine that anyone seriously thinks anything is going on between them, but someone still must have thought it necessary to showcase Kara's new hubby in the audience.

And here's our first Group Sing of the season. They're singing American Boy, with which I am not familiar (I suspect I'll be saying that a lot this year). The girls all sound good together, harmonizing nicely (though they use backing tracks, so who knows if what I am hearing is them, or piped-in backup singers). Omigod- Haeley is wearing short, shiny pantaloons and another really large and stupid head ornament. Katelyn looks nearly as odd, rhythmically squatting to the music in a gray shortie romper.

So, with a minimum of preliminary fluff, we're down to the reason for the show. The girls are arranged on the bleachers, and Ryan has the top row stand.

Siobhan is safe. Haeley is safe (which disappoints me, though her outfits are sure to bring The Amusing. Or The Crazy. In either case, she'll be interesting). Michelle looks worried, but she's safe. Katelyn, of the big hair and little rompers, is safe too.

Which leaves Katie and Janell, neither of whom I expected to be in danger (not that The Other is actually in danger, they just want us to think so). Katie looks more and more like Tatiana del Toro. She also looks like she's going to faint or throw up. Janell, wearing possibly the cutest outfit I've ever seen on this show- a blue and yellow twinset, holds up admirably, even when Ryan announces that she's going home.

Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Oh that's right- she sang Heart, a fire through which only Carrie Underwood can emerge unscathed. Janell is extremely gracious, and as usual, her singout is better than Tuesday's performance, though there are still a couple of wobbly notes.

Side Note: Does Zach Braff voice over every commercial that John Krasinski doesn't?

I loved Allison Iraheta last year- her talent was natural (as in: totally untrained, and a bit wild and unpredictible), and she made it a lot further than I expected her to. She's looking good, with long, blue-streaked tomato-red hair, black lace hose and mitts, a little black mini-dress with a bustle (or a bow- some kind of unwieldly WTF? butt decoration) and boots. She's singing Scars, her new single, and it's a pretty ballad. I meant to buy Allison's album when it came out, but I forgot. I'll have check it out.

Allison makes fun of her awkward interviews with Ryan, and then has a totally awkward interview with Ryan. I do love her.

Aaand, we're back to the Ladies- front row standing: Paige is the first one Ryan highlights, so we know she's safe. Lacey, wearing an abomination of stripes, knitted rosettes, and flowers that makes Haeley's shortaloons look sensible, is safe. Lilly is going to cry even though she's safe. I hold my breath, but Crystal is safe too. Which leaves Ashley and Didi, which means that we'll be saying good-bye to gorgeous and quirky, and fragile Didi. Wait. Whoa, really? Ashley, who I figured was Top 12 Fer Shure, is going home. And as surprised as I am, that's nothing compared to what Ashley is feeling. She's saying the proper words to Ryan, but her face is telling a whole other story (and it's confirming every thing I thought about her). Poor Didi. She's probably more devasatated than she would have been if she'd gotten the boot. She isn't going to survive this process.

And now it's time for the Guys, though we see a rehearsal clip of Tyler in a bathrobe first.
In the Back Row, Mike is safe of course (though there's no of course about it, after Ashley's elimination). John is safe, and I'm glad. I know there is talent in there, and I hope he lets some of it out next week. My granddaughters dialed Aaron to safety. I have no idea who dialed Todrick in, but someone did.  We're down to Tim and Joe. Tim looks genuinely stunned when Joe is sent packing (as well he should).

I'd feel bad for Joe, except the show didn't let me get to know him, so I have absolutely nothing invested. His singout sounds fine, though I still can't understand anything he's saying.

Ryan announces that Idol Gives Back is coming back on April 21. He lists the corporate sponsors, and begs for more, and then introduces Kris Allen, who is singing for Haiti (in that proceeds of his download will go toward Hatian relief). Kris is lightly bearded and still very pretty. He sings Let It Be over a video made of equal parts devastation, and beautifully smiling children.

The guys in front stand- Casey is safe (duh), Jermaine (my brain sings hat to the side, lookin' like a foo...) is safe. Lee looks sick, and he's sticking around too. Andrew better be safe. Yes! So it's down to Tyler and Alex, who is extremely pale and may well be AI's first onstage vomiter. Simon thinks Tyler's getting the boot, and Simon is right. Alex nearly collapses, and Tyler blames the judges for not telling him how to sing better.

And I am 0 for 4 on predictions, with Ashley's ouster being an actual shocker. It's going to be an interesting season.

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