Friday, February 12, 2010

Settling back into a routine

It's taken awhile to get back into my normal schedule after all the traveling I've done in the last six months. The settling has been interrupted by good things and bad (good being a visit from Oldest Son, who needed to be ferried to and from the Sioux Falls airport, bad being more snow. again. still). We were snowed in for a couple of days (again. still), but we are once again mobile, and able to exit the premises for milk and bread. And my knitting group, whence I will travel today. I'm excited to see everyone since I missed last month's meeting. And I'm excited to get most of the first half of the Fair Isle book projects in the mail to my editor, right after I show them off at the Red Rooster.

In the meantime, I'm still listening to Northanger Abbey, which continues to delight. This recording was done by many readers (for Librivox), and while some of the readers are better than others (Kristen McQuillen, in particular, is very very good), none are bad. The story is quite funny, and I'm enjoying it enormously. It's interesting to hear just how many ways Northanger can be pronounced. Hard G. Soft G. And everything in between. Maybe next, I'll try one of those sensational novels by Mrs. Radcliffe.

And finally, look at these adorable boys wearing the bucket hat from I Heart Felt. The hats (and boys) were produced by Jessica, Twinknitting, from Ravelry. Thanks for sharing!

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