Friday, March 11, 2011

AI Season 10, 03-10-11 Top 13 Elimination

This. is. drama. As usual.
JLo is wearing a tight, short,orange skirt with a wide white belt, and a spangled top with a huge mutton-chop sleeve. Just one (sleeve. that is). Tyler is in a long duster. Randy is dressed like Randy.

Ryan says that 30 million votes were tallied, and he says that Adam Lambert is in the house, and he threatens us with Diddy Dirty Money. He also announces that the Judges' Save is still in effect, which: bleh.

The kids come out, and as I look the group over, I notice that Casey is absent. Ryan announces that Casey is in the hospital, which is troubling.

The kids are living, en masse, in a mansion. It's been a long time since they were all housed together. This place is huge, and amazing. The kids are overwhelmed, but happy, and their joy is contagious.

Group Sing Season 10- #1 is a Michael Jackson medley.Karen sounds great, Stefano and Ashthon, not so much. Jacob is emoting all over the stage, and it's nice to see Scotty moving around. He's more graceful than I expected him to be. I wonder what Casey would have done with this. Oh, Pointy Pose, how I've missed you!

I notice that Casey is absent from the Fordmercial as well, so unless they taped it the same morning as the show, he's been sick for longer than I realized.

Poor Amanda Seyfreid has to flog her movie, which makes her visibly uncomfortable. We see a montage of them all at the premiere. The kids' delight at spotting (and having pictures taken with) Movie Stars melts my cynical little heart just a little bit.

We get right to the business of the evening. The kids are arranged on the bleachers, and the lights are dimmed. Ryan calls Jacob, Karen and Stefano over. I don't know if Jacob is actually wearing a pink satin jacket, or if he's just reflecting the lights. Karen is in a black leather jacket over a pink and black print shirt. Stefano is wearing what is probably a fleece lined leather hoodie, but it looks like it's made of vinyl. Ryan plays a really nasty trick by saying that they're all safe....... and then after they all cheer.... he says: except Karen. My respect for her grows exponentially by how gracefully she accepts this news.

Up in the balcony, Ryan introduced Adam Lambert. Tonight, Adam looks like a young Kirk Russell playing Elvis. I think he's had some beneficial facial work done, because his skin looks great. He's singing an original song, which starts out a little tentatively. I don't catch much of the lyrics, but there are definitely words concerning the aftermath of something or other. I like the bongos, and the audience likes the song (or more likely, Adam). This is fairly restrained for Adam, but he throws in a howl or two. Afterwards, He and Ryan josh a bit, and they seem both comfortable together, and happy to be on the same stage at the same time.

The lights are dimmed again, and Lauren, Ashthon, and Hayley are called over. Lauren is dressed much more prettily, in a floaty beige flowered dress with a little jacket. Hayley is in another floaty top, with dangly feather earrings. Ashthon is in a pink one-shouldered ruffly thing (I would start a drinking game with the one-shouldered outfits, except I'd be drunk before anyone ever sang).

Lauren falls apart, apologizing for her terrible performance the night before, and Ryan takes pity on her and sends her back to the stands. I wait to hear which one of the other two is in the bottom (if, indeed, either one is), when Ryan actually shocks me by saying that both of them are bottom dwellers. This means that everyone left on the stands is safe. Whoa. Neither Ashthon nor Hayley take the news with any kind of grace.

Now Diddy, etc is up, and I decide to give him 30 seconds to prove that his song isn't horrible, but I can only listen for about 3 seconds before hitting the Fast Forward (hey- it's one of the advantages of DVRing the show). I do notice that the backup girls (mirror images in black and white) have one-legged outfits (no drink), and that with the first couple of rows probably got a really interesting view up their skirts.

So, finally we get to the reason for the show: The Results. Though I do like Karen, she has absolutely no chance of winning this thing (I peg her for Top 7 or so), I'm happy enough with this grouping, and don't particularly care who goes home. Karen smiles gamely, Hayley glowers, and Ashthon has clamped down on her face entirely. Karen is safe, which makes me glad. And... Ashthon is going home. No longer will I have to go back and fill in that blasted extra H.

Ashthon sings her Diana Ross song, and we're reminded exactly why she is in this position. The judges mumblemumblemumble, but there is no chance in hell that they will waste their save on her. Ashthon knows this, and she breaks down before a weeping JLo tells her the bad news. Ryan is very gentle with her. He can be such a sweetie sometimes. David Cook's Don't You Forget About Me is this year's Swan Song, and Ashthon cries throughout her ending video.

The DVR cut out before I hear what next week's theme is, but I'll be home, watching and recapping in real time. See you then!

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