Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AI Season 10- Top 12 Guys, Tuesday 03-01-11

So, we're back with the big stage, and Ryan entering through the gauntlet. Randy is in a black leather jacket. Steven Tyler is also in a black leather jacket, but he's wearing it over a red shirt whose print features row after row of open mouths (I'm not kidding). JLo is in a black lace and leather dress. Her hair is up in a sloppy ponytail , as though she didn't like what her hair was doing and finally gave up and pulled it back in frustration, just to get it out of her eyes (in other words- her hair looks regular, not like the hair of Jennifer Lopez).

Evidently, we're doing things differently this season. Instead of painfully and slowly whittling the list down inch by inch, only 5 of these guys are going to survive the week. 7of them are going home, which means that every single guy needs to bring his A Game tonight.

#1. Clint's recap reminds us of his Karaoke past, and his round glasses, both of which are very much front and center tonight. He's singing Superstition, which is not a good idea- hardly anyone does Stevie justice on this show, and Clint is no exception. He wails and stomps and hits lots of big notes. The judges are impressed, but I'm bored. I've heard this before. Many times.

#2. Jovany is in a gray vest over a white shirt with small dots. Oh lord, the girls in the audience are waving their arms. Sigh. Jovany sounds just like every AI boy- bander. Again, I'm bored silly. Randy agrees with me.

#3. Jordan, all 8' and 120lbs of him, is sporting a proto-mustache and baggy leather pants with chains. What is this mess he's singing? I don't know this song, but I am certain that I hear bad notes throughout. The judges all agree with me.

#4. Tim is the latest in a long line of marginally-talented, good looking Tims Who Make The Top 12. He's wearing a jacket and jeans and a gray shirt. The Hub listens to a lot more radio than I do, and he says that this song sounds exactly like the original. I think if that's the case, then the original must sound pretty terrible. Tim might break the Tim Streak.

#5. Brett still looks like Carrot Top's Mini Me. He's singing Light My Fire, and I spend most of the song trying to figure out if he's wearing high-top wedgie sneakers, in part to avoid listening to the singing. Steven and JLo praise Brett, but once again, Randy tells the truth. This was awful.

#6. James has ditched the headband, but he's still sporting the tail. He's wearing a yellow checked shirt with the sleeves rolled, under a blue shirt. He's doing some sort of screamy, rock song, which definitely plays to his strengths. This song is not my style, but he's doing well. In fact, this is the first performance of the night that I think might make the cut. Steven says a bad word in praise, and the rest of the judges concur. I had no idea how big James was until he stood next to Ryan.

#7. We're reminded that Robbie is 17, just in case we forgot. He's wearing a charcoal blazer with the sleeves pushed up, over a v-neck tee. This might just be the first time I've heard Sarah MacLachlan on AI. Sarah may yodel on occasion, but she still sings simply. Robbie blew this by over-singing and over decorating the song. Steven Tyler and JLo think otherwise, though JLo mentions that Robbie's notes weren't "perfectly perfect". Once again, I agree with Randy's assessment.

8. Scotty McCreery is wearing a brown leather jacket over a blotchy checked shirt. Scotty has such a mature voice. I like it a lot, and I like this performance. It's the best tonight, so far.

9. Stefano joins the leather jacket brigade, this time over a red tee. I don't love this song, but he's better than the other boy banders. The high note was painful, but the rest of the song was good. As with James, I had no idea of Stefano's height until he stood next to Ryan (Stefano is shorter).

10. We know very little about Paul because we only saw him for the first time last week. Maggie May, huh? Interesting choice. He's in all black, with a black rose boutonniere. For some reason, he strongly reminds me of Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) on Parks & Recreation. Maybe it's all those extremely white teeth. The performance doesn't do anything for me, but the judges enjoy it.

11. Jacob's very existence exhausts me- I suspect with him that it's all drama, all the time. He's dressed very nicely in a charcoal suit and a lavender/pink tie. He's singing A House is not a Home, a song I love. Jacob has an amazing instrument, but he's far too busy showing his entire range on every measure. I would enjoy it so much more if he would calm the hell down, and just sing.

12.  I'm so glad that Casey got out of the hospital in time to tape the show. He sings fierce version of I Put a Spell on You, and rocks the house. This kid knows how to use a stage. The judges are blown away. Woohoo!

Sometimes my guesses as to who will go and who will stay are different if I'm listing my own preferences, or if I'm predicting what the audience will do, but tonight they're pretty much the same. For sure staying: Jacob, James, Scotty, and Casey.  The final slot could go to: Stefano, Robbie, or Paul, with my nod going to Stefano.

Tomorrow night- the Top 12 Girls.


Diane said...

I honestly missed Simon for the first time tonight. Usually I always agreed with his critiques. Tonight it was like no one wanted to tell the contestants when they sucked....and several of them did! I was kind of underwhelmed. Hopefully tomorrow night will be better or the judges will learn to critique honestly.

Kathy said...

Brett's performance was awful and I was shocked to see the judges praise it. I sometimes feel there is a script that they are forced to follow or they hear something totally different in the studio than we do at home. Casey was definitely last night's winner!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Diane- I was very surprised at how often I agreed with Randy, who actually made some relevant comments last night.

Kathy- I agree with you about Brett. I wonder if things sound different in the studio too, because on TV, he was awful.

Atlanta Roofing said...

The guys rock!!! They brought it. We should be voting on the top 10, not even boys and girls…. There are atleast 7 guys, and only 3 woman.