Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doin' the headless chicken

I'm flying out early tomorrow (and I do mean early, I have to be at the airport, which is 75 miles away, before 5:00am). If the snow holds off, I should land at SeaTac before lunch, their time. The long-range weather report predicts rain in the PNW every day, except the days that it predicts snow, so I'm not heading into spring. But, it'll be wonderful no matter what. I'll get to see my sister and niece, and good friends, and I'll be speaking to the Snohomish Knitters Guild on Tuesday evening, and teaching my Little Tips and Tricks class at Great Yarns in Everett, on Saturday.

I promise to take and post lots of pics, and I think it's likely that I'll be able to watch (and recap) the two AI episodes (it's all about priorities, dontchaknow).

In the meantime, today's list is long and I'm mostly rushing about in all directions at once, like I always do before I fly somewhere- wondering what I forgot, checking for my drivers license multiple times, ditto flight itineraries... The usual OCD stuff.

After this trip, I'm not going anywhere until the end of April, and that's a weekend in Aberdeen, teaching classes at a weaving retreat. I'm going to use the interim to begin (and I hope, finish) Mid-Grade Fantasy Version 3.0. I'm nearly there.

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