Monday, March 21, 2011

The Daily Panorama

Turtle Creek rose several feet today.

I stitched 4 photos together for this panorama. You can see how fast the current is by the 2 identical ice floes in the center there- the single blob moved that far in the time it took me to snap 2 shots. The water is pretty far up on the penninsula now.

That is a whole lotta water.


karenekr said...

I've just finished going through all of your paper dolls scans -- and I'm so happy! Many of them I already had, but in smaller formats, nowhere near as high as the resolution you've provided. Many more I didn't have -- such as Robin Hood and the Prince and Princess sets. Wonderful! I got a kick out of reading that you'd started on PDs by tracing Jack & Jill PDs at school. I started school in an old-fashioned one-roomer, and for a Kindergartener with only half-a-day of school, the afternoon could really drag -- after the required nap, I mean. My love affair w/PDs began then -- tracing PDs from the Wee Wisdom Magazines in the school "library" (such as it was).

Anyway -- thank you. I'm so grateful for your time and comments. I've learned a lot in these last few days!

God bless. -- Karen

Alan said...

Kathi --

What image editing program do you have? This is just a suggestion, but I'd love to see how some of these panoramic pictures of that spare, flat landscape work in black and white. Maybe darken them and then pump up the contrast a bit. Not that I can teach you anything about taking a good picture.