Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angela's Hat

I so love it when students share photos of the projects they worked on in my classes- and I like it even better when they take what they've learned and continue on with the processes.

Angela took my Fair Isle Design Class at the Michigan Fiber Festival in August. Here are some shots of the hat she designed in class. I think it's absolutely marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing, Angela, you did a fantastic job!

p.s. I don't know why these pics insist on posting sideways. I've tried several times to save and re-save the files, renaming them, and uploading again, and still they're skewed. Sorry you'll have to tilt your head to get the whole Gorgeousness!

1 comment:

Mary Keenan said...

Kathi, try rotating the original picture sideways, uploading that, then rotating the picture back again and uploading the picture a third time. It doesn't happen to me every day with Blogger but when it does, this always works.

And I agree - that is one great hat!