Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm back

Hooboy- I haven't even caught up with posting about the New Jersey trip, and I have a whole other adventure to talk about, plus I'm about 3 weeks behind on SAFF prep, and I leave for that wonderful festival in 16 days.

I think I'll just post some really really really pretty pictures today. We stayed at a private hunting lodge in Wyoming, and then drove back into South Dakota to visit Crazy Horse, Deadwood, and Mt. Rushmore. The views were breathtaking, and the weather was really iffy (it snowed and then the sun came out and then it snowed some more and then there was sun, and a bazillion stars). It was amazing, and I am still not caught up on my sleep. So, here are a few pics- a taste of a wonderful weekend with old friends.

 The view from the back deck of our lodge- absolutely gorgeous, and the smell of the pines was overwhelming. There was no internet access and only very whimsical phone reception- we were really cut off, but in a good way.
 We could barely see Crazy Horse through the snow.
 Yep, snow.
 Beautiful fall color.
 Craig, Kris, The Hub and me at Mt. Rushmore- it was cold that day: 26 degrees and damp. Can you see the elephants?
 Can you see the elephant now? My friend Julie pointed him out to me, and now I will never not see the elephant.
 Snow is a pain, especially on windy mountain roads, but it sure is purty.
 We chose a rather iffy day to drive Needles Highway, but man, it was beautiful.
 Wyoming produces some pretty sunrises too.
 No reason, just because.
My birthday present to myself (a week early). I do love the Ear Bling.
I'm also a sucker for fridge magnets and penny stretcher machines.

As I re acclimate to my real life, I'll post more. I hope these will hold you for now.


Sophie said...

Great pictures! I was getting worried not to see you post for so long! Glad you had a great trip!

The snow with the fall colors are just amazing! And yes, I do see the elephants! :)

Nora said...

I've been to Mount Rushmore and never saw the elephants until now. :) We never got around to seeing Crazy Horse but when we went (in the late 70's) it was just starting to be carved out. I love the photo with the snow and fall colors!! Gorgeous!!

Linda said...

Where's the donkey? I want equal time on mt rushmore!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks everyone- it was a wonderful trip. I'd never seen the elephant either. Linda- I looked but couldn't find one, darn it