Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Look what arrived today!!!!

More info tomorrow, but here's a teaser:


twoknitwit said...



so exciting!!!!

Sophie said...

Wonderful! Those books look so tempting!

Love the little girl's dress! If only I was both advanced and patient enough to master fair isle, and to try out one of those patterns (my first attempt at Fair Isle is right now and it's not too conclusive... I chose what looked like a very simple doll clothing pattern by Maalfrid Gausel, using just 2 colors, and still I feel like it's way beyond the level I'm at right now! But I'm not loosing confidence that I might get better some day!).

Kathleen Taylor said...

Psst Sophie: a Maalfrid Gausel American Girl Doll sweater and skirt pattern nearly did me in. I think they're pretty complex (the translation oddities don't help). When you finish your set, you'll be more than ready for the projects in my books!

Sophie said...

Thank you Kathleen for making me feeling better about my difficulty of understanding Malfrid Gausel patterns! Knowing even a seasoned knitter like you thought they were hard to follow leads me to think I'm just part of the problem! ;)