Monday, October 29, 2012

Popping in briefly

I'm only in my room for an hour or so before we head back out to supper, so I thought I'd write a blog post of sorts. There is far too much to include in a single post, so I think I'll concentrate on the things I'm thinking of the most right now: the weather and the food.

The Weather Gurus are predicting up to 6" of snow tonight. This is not South Dakota, where 6" of snow merits a shrug. If we get the snow, it'll likely be heavy and wet and slippery. It's already gray and cold and damp and windy, but it doesn't feel like immanent snow to me. But again, this isn't SoDak, so my radar may be off. In any case, everyone assures me that Biltmore stays open regardless of weather, and we have tickets for tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a snowy shot.

Anyway, the Amazing Food part of the trip has begun. Saturday night we ate at a Tapas place in  Asheville, called Zambra (and it's Tapas, not Topless, one student thought), where we practiced the art of getting very very full on just two bites of everything. It was too dark to get good pics, but our waiter was an Adam Savage Clone named Erik, and he was a hoot.

 I had Apple Streusel Pancakes at Cracker Barrel for breakfast yesterday.

Last night we had Motel Room Tapas when DeeAnn and Butch (Dee and I were friends in high school, and have not seen each other in person for 42 years- it's been a grand reunion) went to Whole Foods and brought back a bit of everything to munch (a good thing- I was too brain dead last night for going anywhere).
This morning I had multi-grain pancakes and organic maple syrup at Early Girl Cafe in Asheville. That's Deeann's breakfast in the background. I don't know for sure what it was, but she was making nummy noises throughout, so I assume it was every bit as good as it looked.
 We were going to eat lunch at Tupelo Honey in Asheville, but there were water problems in town, and the River Arts District wasn't open, so we went to Hendersonville instead, where we had great beer in a Thai Restaurant (whose name I did not catch).
 Deeann is not a two-fisted drinker, we were symbolically including her husband Butch (the photog), and toasting all of our absent friends.
Lunch was beyond delicious. This is salmon with onions and bell peppers with a basil chili sauce. Oh my.

Tonight, we're heading back to Tupelo Honey, hoping that the water issues have been resolved. Tomorrow, we go to Biltmore, come snow or wind.

Oh yeah, and we stopped at Chocolate Fetish in Asheville. This is what I bought.  ooohhhh yeah....

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