Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Word Resolution

I am stealing this idea from my friend, Laura Lippman's Memory Project ( (Check out her main blog here: )

Laura is continuing an annual tradition of forming One Word New Year's Resolutions. Can you sum up your resolutions in one word? I tried.

My word: Maintain

I've spent the last 15 months on a major life change. I like those changes, and I know how difficult maintaining a change can be (from my own past, and from the example of 95% of the human race who tried and failed to make major life changes stick). But it's not just weight loss and health that I'm thinking about- I am old enough to know how quickly life can change for the worse. I want to keep what I have- my wonderful family, my comfortable home, a career that is doing just fine lately, my good friends. It's selfish, but there it is.

I also want to maintain the friendships and connections I've made through posting on this blog almost every day. The fact that there are enough of you out there tuning in to tick the web counter over 190,000 times amazes me. I hope to keep your interest, and maybe amuse you all in 2009.

So, what's your One-Word Resolution? And why did you choose it?


maxine said...


It's how I want to be mentally, physically, spiritually...I want the balance I have found in it to sustain me. It's the one word I most want associated with anything queenmaxine.

I also like that it uses all the vowels.

Unknown said...


Hope for New Year achieve my goals, stay focused and Hope that friends, family are happy and healthy. My Hope is that I have the faith to keep Hoping!

Gramma Phyllis said...


Peace to deal with my mother's deepening dementia, and the remodeling of my house so that I will have my own space when my son and I combine our households (8 people under one roof and 5 are under the age of 9) Baby Steps to get there.

Beadyjan said...


OK I already spend a lot of time crafting and making stuff but I want to be even more creative and imaginative and try out lots of new ideas for jewellery, art and writing and make my blog more creative too.

Anonymous said...

I tend to be a wee bit opinionated at times, so am going to be working at listening more than talking. That one's for me.
And for the whole world out there:
Why can't we all just get along?

Allison said...


I used to make New Year's resolutions all the time, then a few months later I'd be upset with myself for not fulfilling them. For me, they never provide sufficient motivation.

Anonymous said...

Happy Knit Year!!!

DrLeonesse said...


I have had an extraordinarily challenging year health-wise. Improve my health. Diet, exercise and choices.
Improve my finances! New and better-paying job. Less debt.
Improve my relationships.
Just the tip of the iceberg.

TexNan said...

Mine's moderation. I go totally obsessive over whatever's new in my life, leaving everything else in the dust. If I can do everything moderately, maybe I can do everything.

Also like Kathy/Mom's open-minded. I too am opinionated. (DH says I'm opinionated; he just knows he's right.)

Hi, Kathy! Glad I found your blog.