Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Walk

In about a month, I'll be able, once again, to post pictures of the things I'm working on. But I still have 3 projects left to knit for the Fair Isle book (a pair of socks, which I should finish today, a pair of gloves whose yarn could arrive tomorrow, and a shawl whose yarn should arrive Wednesday). (Yeah, you read that correctly- a Fair Isle shawl!)(!!!). But the end is in view- the final weeks are going to be like the final weeks of every book- hectic and full of End of the Book Breakdowns. And probably sporadic, photo-filled, blog posts.

In the meantime, please continue to put up with my general blather (as opposed to my usual specific blather). We walked into town to get the paper this morning again.
Can you spot the anthill? It was too chilly for them to be out and about, doing their little anty things, but as soon as the sun appears, the top of that mound will be roiling.

The trees have a green tinge. Leaves are not far behind.

A week of sunny days, and these ornamental crabs will be in full bloom, and beautiful to behold.

When creek banks wash away, the fences are left hanging.

Lilac leaves!

These old-style grain elevators are disappearing as quickly as they can be torn down and replaced with huge steel bins. Even the smallest South Dakota towns had one next to the train tracks. The new bins are big, but squat, and they're not visually impressive. Our skylines will look empty without these elevators.


Gramma Phyllis said...

As a kid we could always tell when we were getting close to a town because we could see the grain elevators. I will miss that piece of history. It may be an improvement BUT their removal will be a lost piece of SD history.

joannamauselina said...

Grain elevators are great! In my case, the grain was mostly rice, but I loved them too.