Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 6 Performance

IGB raised $45 million dollars last week, which is nothing short of amazing. Way to go, people who donate via texting and credit card.

Randy is wearing another version of the patchwork v-neck cardigan. This one has brown, blue, white and gray patches. Ellen is in a black windbreaker and a soft gray scarf. Kara is in gray too- a sort of droopy, sleeveless thing. She has a lopsided neck adornment that seems to be made of sequins, rhinestones and cast iron. It looks heavy. And uncomfortable. Simon is wearing a v-neck gray on gray striped sweater, with the stripes going every which way.

Shania is both the mentor and the theme tonight. I don't listen to the radio if I can help it, and though I like some country music, I'm not very familiar with her work. She seems to have written a lot of songs, and to have worn a lot of slinky outfits while performing them. She's quite pretty and she smiles a lot. For her mentoring duties, she wore khaki green capris, a white blazer, and bootie shoes with very high heels. Tonight she has blue sparkles and soft curly hair.

Lee's up first, in a gray blazer, a shirt with an open collar, and a loose tie. He's singing You're Still the One, which I actually do recognize even though it's not the song that says we're still having fun and you're still the one. There are more than a few off-notes, but overall, he's doing a pretty good job. Not great, but pleasantly gravelly.

Mike is wearing a black jacket that fits well, which makes him look smaller, I think. Not small, just more trim. He's singing It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. I wonder if Shania wrote it during her recent relationship troubles. This is pretty and yet dreary and draggy at the same time. The falsetto at the end was nice. So, Simon, wet=girly, eh?

Casey is in a half-unbuttoned Casey Shirt, and he's playing a pretty, inlaid acoustic guitar. I didn't catch the title of this song, and I don't know it at all, but Casey is doing a really good job with it. It's totally different from his usual Bar Band/Rocker take on every single song. I like this a lot. My friend Lorah mentioned that Casey often sings with his eyes closed, which I had never noticed. I can't stop seeing it now.

Crystal is wearing an interesting strapless dress built from brown hankies and a leather belt. I didn't catch the title of this song either, but it could be No One Needs to Know, since Shania doesn't suffer from Steve Miller's propensity to give songs titles that have nothing to do with the lyrics. This song is the polar opposite of last week's choice- it's peppy and light, a lot of bluegrassy fun. I would listen to Crystal sing anything, and I enjoyed this song too, though it certainly was not her most moving performance. I have a feeling that Crystal is going to be Doolittled- with the judges (and possibly voters) becoming bored by her consistent excellence. I don't necessarily want her to win, but I sure don't want her to go home yet. I may need to vote a few times tonight.

Aaron is in a black denim jacket over a gray checked shirt. He's sitting on the Stool of Seriousness, singing another song that I don't recognize. There are plenty of wonky notes, but he hits the Big Ones okay. Randy  declares that Aaron is the country artist of the bunch. Say what? I think it's Aaron's time to go home, but he could get Tim's leftover votes, so who knows.

Siobhan is wearing a dress made from Grandma's kitchen curtains, white boots, and a Tyrolean back brace. Also a spider necklace. She's singing Any Man of Mine, and I think she's doing a flat-out wonderful job of it (except for the bad notes here and there), but Lorah, Rich, and The Hub, who all listen to more radio than I do, say that this is exactly Shania's version. I expect to hear the K Word from the judges, but they don't listen to the radio either, I guess.

Worst tonight: Aaron, and maybe Mike (though his performance wasn't bad, just damp...)

Best: Lee, Siobhan and Crystal

Who's going home? Ya got me. At this stage, it could be any of them.

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