Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 9/8 Elimination

The show spends a few minutes recapping the last two weeks, but I did that already. We'll skip right to the lights, camera, and drama.

Ryan says that over 34 million votes were cast last night. He doesn't, however, say whether the ratings beat America's hatred of Kate Goselin.

Randy is wearing a blue and white version of a sweater that I have right now in my closet. Ellen is in a white and black striped, long-sleeved polo shirt. Kara has a messy ponytail, and is wearing a strange black jacket with wide ruffles and lapels. Simon is wearing a fuzzy-ish charcoal sweater.

The group-sing is an Elvis medley comprised of the songs that I hate the most. This group has the absolute worst lip-synchers. Katie is doing something sort of Elvis-ish with her legs that she must never, ever do again. There is some seriously bad camera work going on- shots of empty stages and rushing feet.

The Fordmercial is all neutral, hybrid and Green. It's also boring.

Ryan focuses on the bleachers. Mike already has the bitchface as Ryan calls Casey, Aaron, and Andrew to center stage.

Casey, in a shiny gray shirt, has loose hair that may have been straightened. It also looks longer, though I assume he isn't sporting a weave. (and if he is, Kate Goselin's hairdresser needs to talk to him)

Aaron is in tan checks and epaulets.

Andrew has a black and green plaid shirt with a matching bow tie (meaning that the bow tie is made from the same fabric as the shirt) (seriously).

Wow, they're not wasting time tonight- Casey and Aaron are safe, and suddenly, Andrew is going home. Andrew is a classic case of unfulfillled potential, though not quite of Sundance Head proportion. Most of his performances were rightly judged against that amazing Hollywood Week bit. While it's important to do well in Hollywood, it's really best not to peak there. His good-bye performance isn't outright awful, but all of his vocal problems (weak voice, poor tone, inability to hold a note) are front and center. I will give him this- he's far more gracious than Mike was last week (or this week, for that matter).

Next week is Idol Gives Back. It's a nice idea, and they do raise a lot of money for some very good causes. But the show itself never quite works, and I don't expect this year's version to be any different.Lots of Big Names will be on next week, and it'll probably be a 2 hour show that will only feel like 6 or 8. We spend a bit of time with Elliott Yamin and Kara in Africa. Kara looks sweaty and natural (as in: no makeup), and she looks more human than usual.

Brooke White and Justin Gaston (who?) are performing now. Brooke is sitting at the piano, and Justin is playing a guitar. They sing Tell Me Why together, and their voices blend very nicely. Brooke looks good (and not at all like she's going to fall apart, which is nice), in a black cutaway over a slightly different shade of tight black jeans, and some very high heels. Justin is in black on black, and silly patent leather knee boots.

They yak for a moment, and then Ryan calls the bottom row to center stage: Tim, Crystal, Mike, Katie, Siobhan and Lee.

Lee shouldn't talk. At all. Siobhan is wearing a Siobhan Suit. Katie is in a one-shouldered, one-sleeved top, and almost no makeup. Mike has on a teeny little hat (I do hate stupid little hats)(also stupid big ones). Crystal is in gray and black, with several necklaces. Tim is in a brown linen hacket. And a smile.

Crystal is safe. And surprised. And kissing what I assume is a lucky necklace.
Siobhan is also safe, and very relieved.
Ryan jerks Lee around, but he's safe too.

Ryan takes a moment to announce that next week's theme is Inspirational Songs, and the mentor is Alicia Keys, and then he points out that Tim, Mike and Katie are left on stage, before introducing Adam Lambert.

Adam opens What Do You Want From Me in Beam Me Up Laser Lighting and green swirling fog. Through the murk, I can see that he's wearing a shiny, pearl encrusted jacket and more eyeshadow and mascara than any random Olsen Twin. That said, his getup is a great deal more subdued than many of his other outfits. This is a nice song. I hope Siobhan is taking notes on how, where, and when to use The Glory Scream. Once the lights come up, we can see his bedazzled ear piece.

Tim's smile (and those shirtless pics) save him again. And in a rare moment of candor, Ryan admits that one of the remaining two (Mike and Katie) isn't even in The Bottom 3. It's odd for the show to allow such a naked glimpse into its machinations.

Then just like that, Katie is going home. Katie is, of course, devasted. So are Crystal and Siobhan.

Katie has a very good instrument. I just wish she'd given herself a couple of years before trying out, I think she would have gone further. And I have to wonder- if the Judges hadn't saved Mike last week, would they have rescued Katie? I guess we'll never know.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent re-cap of the show. I love when you give a fashion report too.

By the way...I think they had to save Lynche 'cause he was the only African-American singer left. The demographics of singers this year are very slanted. I'm sure the producers have the final say-so on who goes and who stays, no matter how "America" votes. Personally, I'm glad they saved Big Mike. He has a very good voice!