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AI Season 13 Finalist Performance 05-20-14

So.... tonight and tomorrow, and that's it... Cool.

At the Nokia theater, live tonight. Ryan in a tux with a white jacket, in front of 7,000 screaming fans. I've told the story before, but once I almost won tickets to go the finale (I was among the final 130 entrants, out of thousands). But I didn't win. Now I don't care all that much, though if I won tickets, I'd go. I'd owe it to my readers, right???? Taking one for the team.

JLo is in a very very short black leather dress with a silver spangly bodice. Harry is in a tux, Keith might have showered. JLo's hair is down and softly curled.

Gena and Caleb come out. Oh, Caleb is fringey. It's possible that no other sartorial choice matters. But out of habit: Jena has gold pants and a brown and white shirt.

Caleb and Jena are going to a fake prom. They look pretty adorable in their 60's outfits, Caleb in sky blue and ruffles, Jena in lavender chiffon. That was a cute segment.

Simon Fuller, looking mummified, will choose the first song.

Jena will sing Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over, in front of a field of swaying poppies, spookily swaying poppies. There are drums, and possibly Jena's mike isn't working properly because we can barely hear her. That said, what I can hear sounds fine. Her bald dad tries to sway with the music but can't quite manage it. Oh, the drummers are wearing floor-length skirts... the guy drummers.

Keith whoos, and appreciates the song choice. JLo loves the energy in the room. HCJ thinks it was fantastic.

Caleb will sing Aerosmith's Dream On- this is more ballady than Caleb usually likes, but it's in his wheelhouse. In addition to  his black jacket with 2' fringes, he's wearing a red and black striped shirt. No one is saying anything about voice issues or illness tonight, and as far as I can tell, he sounds the same as usual. Whether there's room on the radio and charts for another Rocking Screamer remains to be seen. Man, if his voice wasn't blown before, it surely is now. That was one helluva note there.

JLo and Keith stood. JLo reminds us that this is the finale and that they gotta carpe that diem. HCJ loves Caleb's low register too. Keith was enchanted from the opening notes.

Next, the kids re-sing their favorite performance of the season. We'll see if they agree with me.

Jena is now wearing a white skirt and a black sleeveless top, both with chains and spangles. Jena doesn't realize that the camera has panned out, so we get to watch her adjust her bra. And she's singing Can't Help Falling In Love, which was absolutely Jena's best performance. However, it was only just a couple of weeks ago, so maybe it's too soon for a reprise. They've fixed the mike issues at least- we can hear her. Jena sounds lovely, and this is a really beautiful rendition of this song. It should be her first single. That was really perfect.

Keith stood, JLo goosied. HCJ loves that Jena can be influenced and then distill those influences into a totally different performance. Keith referenced an entirely sub-par performance from The Voice without naming it. Speaking of The Voice, their finale comes on right after this show. JLo  is incoherent.

There will be a Season 14... sigh...

Caleb will sing Maybe I'm Amazed, and yeah, that was a really good performance too. He's in another dark jacket, but this time without fringes. It appears to be navy brocade. My son would like that skull necklace. I like Caleb's quieter stuff better, and this is nice, but I think Jena's #2 was better. On the other hand, it's down to the fans, and fans vote for their favorites.

Well, Keith is hooting but no one stood up. Keith cautions against losing the emotion in the song. JLo worried about overpowering the soul with vocal gymnastics. HCJ wants to tote up the winners, dividing it out round #1 to Caleb, #2 to Jena. And I agree.

I'm pretty sure the guy from the Fake Prince Harry show is in the audience. How they found 20 or so women who like royalty and yet who could not tell in the first five seconds that he was a phony is beyond me. Oh, who am I kidding- I'm sure they had their choice of hundreds of women (and probably a fair number of men) willing to go on the show, who seriously believed that the man who is 4th in line for the British Throne would go on a horndog competition show and make out with them.

Jena's new single is We Are One, a poppy version of every sappy winner's song in the history of the show. She's wearing black and white striped pants(vertical), a black and white checkerboard blouse, and a black and white striped (horizontal) short sleeved jacket. This song is entirely mediocre, and a real disservice to Jena's voice and talent- as always. The only consolation is that Caleb's song will be terrible too. Jena is giving it her all.

JLo thought it was a nice finish to the show. HCJ thought it was strong. Keith thinks it's a perfect song. They had to hurry because, as always, this show wastes time until the end, and then they have to scramble to fit everything in. It was ever thus.

Aha, I was right! Faux Harry.

Caleb's single is As Long as You Love Me, and this one is a far better match to Caleb's talent and personality. It's a regular rock song. He's wearing another black jacket, this one may be silver stamped leather, but it's hard to tell. This is one of those mike-carrying, shouty songs that Caleb excels at. Up until now, I thought Jena had it, but this is a better song. I don't know how much difference it'll make. Oh, I think the silver jacket embellishment may be embroidery. Cool.

Talk fast, judges. HCJ thinks it's going to be a tough choice for voters. Keith says the same thing. JLo repeats the guys. I think they were a little faint in their praise.

So, it's up to the voters now. I think Jena will be served best by winning, but we shall see.

Side note: Caleb looks unwell, pale and very sweaty.

Oh, Caleb and Jena are singing  Breakaway, and they're joined by the rest of the Top 12, I believe, some of whose names I do not remember. It'll all be over tomorrow, one way or another.

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Perfect Trim Ruler said...

Great job again this year. Boy those last two songs were so bad! I'm rooting for Jena as she is completely unique!