Saturday, May 3, 2014

Road Knitting

I'm finally rebooting after the long string of trips and festivals (I've been on the road a lot since last June). I'm home now until mid-August, when I teach again at the Michigan Fiber Festival. That doesn't mean I won't hit the road anyway, but if I do, it'll be a fun trip, not work (equally tiring, and far more expensive... ho ho).

Anyway, the Black Hills Fiber Arts Fair was wonderful- an inaugural event with no glitches in any of my classes (except one where I forgot how many folks I had listed as the maximum and did not prepare for the full number. But a lovely lady with a copy machine saved the day, and all was well). I'll go back happily.

On the way, I did some road knitting, worsted weight leftover-yarn socks.
 I had already finished the first sock, and was working on the mate when I realized that the first one had a light gray band on the foot that the mate did not (a Noro-like yarn, with surprise color bands). I know that leftover socks cannot match stripes perfectly, and yet I like them to match mostly. What to do?

I know....

And so the feet of the finished socks match as well as possible (Sharpie is Forever). The Christmas stockings were projects in my Fair Isle Nordic Stocking class (which teaches Fair Isle AND afterthought heels). The little hat was my class sample in the Toddler Fair Isle Hat class. All classes went very very well, and I had a smashing time with genius students!

I did not come home empty handed-  I intend to make a sparkly shawl (probably Hitchhiker) for my sister with the Moonlight Sonata.
And grandgirl socks with the Fluormania, which I love love love!

I also met Maria of M1 Designs and bought this pattern, which I hope to knit fairly soon, except that I am working on a Super Secret Something Which Cannot Be Announced Until I Know For Sure That There Is Actually Something To Announce. Stay tuned!

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Melanie Reuter said...

You are brilliant re the black Sharpie. Jealous of your genius!