Friday, May 9, 2014

AI Season 13 Top 4 Elimination 05-08-14

Okay, I didn't get home until late last night, after watching the last music concert of this school year.
I admit to knowing who was eliminated, but I don't know anything else about the show. So I'm live blogging from the DVR, and pretending that I don't know how it ends...

So, we begin in black and white memories of previous home-town visits, something the Top 3 only get to experience. David Cook, David Archuletta, Phil Phillips, Candace Glover, Bo Bice, Hailey Reinhart, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Sanchez... In color, Ryan is still scruffy, this time in a blue suit.

JLo is wearing a tight, short red halter dress with a whole chunk cut out of the hem. Her hair is soft and down, with a side part. Her makeup looks very nice tonight. Keith's teeth are very white.

The last supper recap subjects: special effects, Keith love, JLo showing everyone how to walk in heels, Keith falling down, JLo smoochies, oh yeah, and someone going home. Sad faces.

Jena is in pink pants with a black gingham tie-front blouse. Caleb has a black leather jacket. Jessica is in black and pants with holey knees. Alex's shirt fades from one color to the next.

Fordmercial- low-rent as usual. Kids talking about what they miss, and looking at guitars and letting the cars park themselves. Also vinyl records and hot dogs. Boooring.

HCJ is throwing beignets to the audience? Powdered sugar everywhere. Good Lord. The man is out of control. JLo can eat a beignet without getting sugar on her lipstick. The woman is magic. Red dress, weird hem, pretty hair magic.

Dim the lights... here we go... first Top Three Finalist is..... Jena (confession: my brain still says Jenna every time I see her name). Jena is very happy in her pink pants and very tall shoes, which she still has not learned to walk in.

What? More filler? On this show? Color me surprised. So the kids have pizza in the park and scripted comments. Jessica, 3 months is not almost half a year... Otherwise, I believe I will fast forward through this bit. Foreshadowing on who is going home... lots of foreshadowing...

Next safe? Caleb, who I hope will be instantly enrolled in a Media Savvy Course on How Not To Insult Your Fans and/or A Whole Lot of Other Folks during Radio Interviews.

So, the show has been renewed? I think I'm done with it. Seriously.

Alex and Jessica are in the bottom, and Jessica looks like she's going to get sick. Or maybe she's a little relieved when Alex is named as the final finalist.

I like Jessica's voice, and she has been a class act throughout. I hope she finds her way. Oops, she's not as relieved as I thought she might be. Her tears are making me a little misty. Dammit, I wish she could have tapped into that vein of deep emotion all along, because there is real feeling in her final performance.

Ha ha Stage Mom who predicted that Jessica would never make it on the show- 4th Place is an honorable finish, and there is a fairly long list of non-winners who have viable careers in music, so it's not over for her.

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