Saturday, May 31, 2014

This 'n That

Nothing coherent today, just odds and ends.

Q: When did David Beckham turn into Ricky Gervais?

PSA: Hip Waders don't keep water out, they just let it warm up a little bit inside the boots and pants. A week ago, my pool looked like this. And the water was barely 70 degrees.

Now, the water is crystal clear, and it's already 80 degrees+. We've been swimming every day, but not today. Today, it's going to storm. Today, tomorrow, Monday. Storms every day. Sigh.

I finished the Regia Fluormania socks and I love them. I don't get to keep them, but they were great fun to knit. However, when I soaked them to wash, the pink bled a bit into the water. That didn't stain the other colors, but if you knit with this stuff, wash them alone a few times, just in case.

More Julep polishes arrived (not the regular Maven box, these were extra orders). Choices, choices...

I went with the orange glitter. It's lovely, but I might like it better over a solid color. I'll try that next time. I'm also very curious about the crackle. And the June purples will arrive in a week or so. Woot!

On the work front- I'm waiting to hear about my proposal, and I'm working on the medium size finger-down glove prototype.

And I'm waiting for the sun to shine so I can go swimming.

and I'll leave you this this, just because.

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