Thursday, May 1, 2014

AI Season 13- Top 5 Elimination 05-01-14

Here we go again!

Ryan promises a shocking twist. This show has an odd notion of shocking, but Ryan says it's a *game changer*. We'll see.

JLo is wearing a short white hippie dress, with bell sleeves and a lace-up front opening. Her hair is weirdly smooth tonight, almost like she's bald on top, and her eye shadow is very dark. HCJ is wearing a suit with a mis-matched shirt and tie.

Post show convos include Jena's mom, and Sam's blushiness, and sadness over eliminations.

Ryan keeps hinting that something terrible is about to happen- I wonder if they're going to do some version of The Huff. Whatever it is, I suspect it'll be nasty, because this show loves nothing more than torturing the hand that feeds it.

Really, Fruit of the Loom? Really? Really?

The Fordmercials this year are low-tech, low-rent, and really boring- the kids driving around in Fords and pretending to play and have fun. Wherefore art the costumes and makeup and bad scripting of yore?

Keith is singing Good Thing from his new album. He really is rather adorable. This song is sort of hard-rockin' country. I'm sure it'll do well among fans of Keith Urban's music. I just like to watch him enjoying the kids sing.

There's barely 10 minutes left in the episode and still we waste time with Randy Jackson. No wonder the franchise is circling the drain.

So they're lined up. Everyone in black and white, except Alex, who is in black and blue. The shocking twist is that the kids can unanimously vote to send the lowest vote getter home as usual, or they can decide that none go home this week and two go next week. I can't think of any reason for them to send anyone home- it hurts none of them, and they can all stay together one more week.

Okay, I can think of one reason- someone might think that Sam will have a better set of performances next week, since I fully expect him to have the lowest totals this week.

Are they friends or are they competitors?

There's no time for a bottom two. The votes are Yes and No, but I am not totally clear on which vote means which decision. But it doesn't matter because the votes weren't unanimous. I'm not sure the kids knew which was which either.

In any case, Sam is leaving, which is exactly right. I like him personally and his voice is generally pleasing, but he needs at least five more years before he's even remotely interesting.

So, who voted to send him home? Any guesses?

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