Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I take the plunge

Okay, so I've been reading and enjoying knitting blogs for awhile, and I finally decided that it was time to join the fray. This looks like it'll be fun, and a perfectly handy time-absorber, which World-Class Procrastinators like myself always enjoy.

I won't be able to show much from any current writing/designing projects because publishers sort of frown on that kind of thing (though I think I can show teasers, or corners, or bits and pieces of larger projects), but I also knit a lot from other people's patterns, and those I can show. And I buy a lot of yarn, and I can show that off as well. And I'm always ready to talk about the books and music and TV shows, and yarn stores that I like. So I don't think I'll run out of things to say.

We'll get the Shameless Self Promotion out of the way right now- I have a new book coming out in February from The Taunton Press. It's called I Heart Felt: 33 Eye-Popping Designs for the Inspired Knitter. Amazon has the cover up and everything, and if I can figure out how to make a link without the whole html stuff showing, I'll post one. I am very excited about this book, and Taunton did a marvelous job with the photography and layout.

Okay, on to the knitting.

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SeattleTammy said...

This is so beautiful! And I'll be back often to look at your projects and ramblings!

I'm so excited about I HEART Felt! You know that Jackson Street Books will be carrying it!