Monday, August 27, 2007

Next up- Setesdal

After yesterday's abject failure, I need a break from lace socks (though I do have a notion for an original lace design that is percolating)- so it's back to the Dale of Norway books. I settled on Setesdal, from book 8101. It's a lovely, simple, Nordic design. I'm using up stash yarn (which does not have any Dale Baby Ull at the moment), so the colors will be different. Way different- I'm going to use Hobby Kids Color (60% polyacryl/40% superwash wool, 50 gr, 110 m) from Schoeller Stahl. It's heavier than Baby Ull (not quite sport weight, but a bit heavier than regular sock yarn). I have 3 skeins of the black, 2 red, 1@ blue, green, orange and pink. The listed yarn requirements sound lean to me anyway, so though I hope to knit the pullover in the smallest size in just black and red, I may have to do green and/or blue sleeves, and some orange Fair Isle (with different colors for the ribbings). It'll look grand, no matter what, but not quite as *unified* as the samples. I'm switching up to size 3 needles to accommodate the heavier yarn, but otherwise, going to knit the instructions for the size 0/3 month (lengthening the body and sleeves as necessary).

I don't have any 0/3 month babies (or 6/9 month, which is probably what the sweater will come out with the larger needles and heavier yarn) on the horizon, but this sweater and yarn are calling me, and I'm not going to argue.

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