Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Tab- Saalfield Carnival

Not everyone knows that I also collect paper dolls (and for awhile in the 80's and early 90's, I drew them for several magazines. I still draw some on the computer). I have a pretty fair collection of vintage uncut sets and books that I've scanned. Every Thursday, I will upload one set from my collection. I can't give permission for you to print out these scans (the dolls on card stock, the clothes on plain white paper) and share them with anyone who does (or might grow to) love paper dolls, but... wink wink... I won't know if you do exactly that.
This set is from Saalfield, #2488 Carnival, copyright 1944. According to Mary Young's Price Guide to Saalfield and Merrill Paper Dolls (I have the 2000 reprint), this set is worth about $45. My copy doesn't have the peek-a-boo cover that is pictured in the reference book, but otherwise it's in very good shape. I love love love the colors and the detail in the outfits. Sorry about the extra white space around the scans- I had to add that so that the pages would print out with the clothes all the same size (so they fit the dolls, in other words).

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barbarab said...

What a great idea Kathi. I bet you'll reintroduce paper dolls to a lot of gals who have forgotten about them. Thanks for sharing.