Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scary Sleeve

This rather frightening object is one sleeve for the Setesdal sweater. Taken by itself, it's pretty hideous, but I am pretty sure that when it's assembled (with a matching sleeve, and the body with the same sort of color changes), and blocked, that it'll look good. I hope.

I decided to skip the knitted facing (to cover the armhole steek seam) because this is a rather heavy fabric, and I am not sure how far my yarn will go. I am still okay with the subtle stranding in the tweed- in fact, that may be my favorite thing about this sweater.

*Using up the stash* has been... well... interesting. Luckily, this sweater isn't destined for any baby in particular, so if it turns out awful, I don't have to scramble for another present. And if it turns out fine (which I suspect it will be, even if it doesn't look much like what the Setesdal designer had in mind), it'll come in handy at the next baby shower I attend.

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