Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nope, not a sweater

I love knitting sweaters for my grandchildren. Unfortunately, one of my grandchildren doesn't like wearing handknit sweaters (or sweaters of any kind, if she can help it). She likes wearing ponchos. I don't like ponchos much, and I don't enjoy knitting them. But I love my granddaughter, and so I'm knitting a poncho for Addy.

The rule this Christmas is to use up stash yarns, therefore this brightly colored poncho is made from : Plymouth Yarns Bella Colour Italian (it's a braided yarn), Crystal Palace Decco-Ribbon, Carnival from Euro Yarns (a carry-along short eyelash), a ladder yarn from Lana d'Oro (I think, I've had it a long time and the label is gone), and a plush from Lana d'Oro (same label problem).

This is a *make it up as you go* pattern- I started with size 8 needles, CO 90 sts, placed markers before and after the 45th, and last st. I increase on either side of the center sts with a YO, every other rnd. I worked 2 rnds of K1P1 to keep the neckline from rolling, and the rest is either stockinette, or garter st (working in the round, Garter is K1 rnd, P1 rnd). I have about 700 yds of assorted yarns and that should be enough to make the poncho a good 16" long at the side, and maybe still have enough for a fringe.

The pic isn't great because I'm using a 32" circular and the bottom is bigger than that already- I have about 10" done. I think Addy will like it (I'll add some sort of drawstring at the neck).

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