Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monkey More

I knit pretty fast, but this is something of a record for me. I started, and finished the first Monkey Sock (see post below for pattern link)in one day! I love love love how this sock came out, and I love this yarn Fly Super Sport even more. I used the Citrus colorway, and also have a skein of Hyacinth.

I did switch to the smaller size 2 needles after the 4th pattern repeat on the cuff, and I like the tighter fabric better. The looser top portion is fine for socks, but if I make the pattern again, I'll use the smaller needles throughout. And what may be a first for me: I followed the pattern exactly, right down to using 5 dpns instead of my usual 4 (it worked very well- one pattern repeat per needle- made the knitting very quick). I'm not sure about the *no slip-stitch* heel flap, but I just wear clogs anyway, so there won't be extra wear there (I'm keeping these socks for me).

I've already cast on the mate. I'll post a pic when I get them both done and blocked.


SeattleTammy said...

A WHOLE sock in one day????

I'm still thinking if I got a pair done in two weeks I'd be flying. And I work on size 4!

Guess I need to get busy!

I will go down load that pattern though- Thanks!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I can knit a plain vanilla sock (all stockinette, short-row heel) in one day, if I work at it. But this is a complex pattern, and I was thrilled to get it done in one day because I really do love it. It's extremely well written, and the sock fits like a dream.