Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What I am Knitting- Setesdal

I'm about 6" into Setesdal (see yesterday's post)- it's coming along swimmingly, though I couldn't find my 16" Size 3 circular (I bought 2 of them, I know I bought 2 of them, but I could only find the empty packet for one), and the 24" size 3 Knit Picks circular cable suddenly came loose from its mooring in the middle of a round (something that has never happened to me before- I know they'll replace it, but it was still unsettling. Luckily, I did find my 24" Size 3 inox).

The tweediness of the yarn wars with the Fair Isle patterning in this design, but I actually like the subtle flecks of red in the body (rather than bright splotches)- you can see it, and yet you can't really see it (and I would rather do a bit of stranding every 5th rnd that doesn't show well, then endless rnds of plain stockinette). Since I'm using bigger needles and heavier yarn than called for in the pattern, I can tell already that this is going to come out more like a 12month sweater than the 0-3 instructions I'm using, which means I will have to lentghen everything accordingly. That also means that I won't have enough black and red yarn to complete the sweater in those two colors. Since this is a stash-using project, and I have almost used up one of the 3 skeins of black, I'm going to switch to dark blue soon on the body (and I'll start the sleeves independently, so that they match).

It's not going to look like the instruction picture, but I think it'll be pretty anyway.

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