Thursday, August 30, 2007

Second Cousin to Setesdal

Though it's the same pattern (larger needles, heavier yarn), there is no superficial resemblance between the Setesdal in the Dale of Norway baby book, and the one I knitted. Just as a reminder- this is what it's supposed to look like.

And this is how my version came out. More like second cousins, twice removed, than siblings. I do like the sweater, though in the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I messed up the steeking and somehow got off a few stitches, so the shoulder seams are narrower than they're supposed to be (because I had to fold the facing in more on one side to make up for the unevenness because I didn't notice the problem until AFTER I had cut the steek open)(and this was my umpteenth steek, I just got sloppy). And the tweedy colors do war with the patterning. And I would have liked it more if I would have had one more skein of black (rather than having to use the green as a filler). But all told, it still looks nice. Oh, I didn't put a picot edge along the boat-neck facing. I thought this looked more like a masculine sweater.

It came out a bit bigger than a 12 month size- it'll go in my finished-object-tote, for the next time I need a baby gift.

And why am I knitting so much these days? Easy, I'm procrastinating. I have some tedious deadline-type paperwork to do, and two new workshops to prepare for (which means knitting samples, writing up handouts, and working out what I'm going to do fill 3-4 hours of class time). I suppose I'd better buckle down.


heinstein65 said...

Can you really count knitting as procrastinating if ist still serves the functionality of what you do? I always felt the best way to procrastinate was to do something as far removed from useful and functional as possible.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I love your definition- I haven't been procrastinating, I've been honing my skills (or deteriorating them, what with the mis-cut steek and all). I'm going to hone my skills some more today with a pair of Fair Isle mittens (my workshops aren't until mid-Sept, so another weekend isn't going to hurt). Heh.