Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monkey Done

I think I was possessed by the Monkey Sock pattern- I finished the entire pair in 2 days. It helped that I really really loved the yarn, and that the pattern was so well written. This pic comes pretty close to the actual neon colors of the yarn. I give away most of the socks I knit (for Christmas, etc) but I'm keeping these for myself. And given that this summer's weather has been so very odd, I might actually get to wear them soon. There was a small ball of yarn left after finishing the socks- I wear a 7-8 shoe, and I'm not sure that you could get a pair of 9-10's out of one skein of yarn (though knitting the entire pair with smaller needles would save some yarn).

And here is my high-tech system for keeping track of which row I'm on: I copy the pattern repeat and print it out. Then I use a metal board and magnetic strips to cover up every row except the one I'm knitting, and then I use the needle to poke a hole in the paper after finishing every round. It probably goes without saying that my knitting chair is an old cloth one that won't be damaged by repeated poking.

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