Friday, August 24, 2007


I finished my granddaughter's Christmas poncho, and I think it's awful. Just plain ugly. But is it something a 6 year old might love? It's pink- very pink, and that counts for a lot in the 1st grade. It also sparkles here and there, which is a plus. But the hem wants to roll (despite the garter stitch edge), and I think I mentioned that it's ugly. I'm washing it now, and I have enough yarn to add a fringe, but that might just be compounding the ugliness. It was incredibly boring to knit (there were something like 300 sts by the end), and I don't intend to make another. If this one doesn't make the grade, she'll just have to make do with handknit socks and mittens since she doesn't like to wear sweaters.
What do you think?

Stats: approx 16" side length, about 20" center front/back length, approx 27" across. Crocheted chain drawstring at the neck, from the ribbon yarn.

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