Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Books and Packing

I've been packing and organizing and cleaning and doing all that important stuff that you need to do before you leave for six days, which means that I haven't done much posting. Sorry.

I also spent the weekend babysitting the Grandpuppy, which meant that I was never far from a door (he's not totally housebroken yet, though we did have an accident-free visit). That also meant that I spent a lot of time, sitting in my chair with a warm, sleepy lump of fur on my lap- so I did a bit of reading.

I finished Book 6 in the Sookie Stackhouse saga. Definitely Dead is as much fun as the others -I'm hooked on the stories, and I will be very curious to see if some of these later characters will make it to the HBO series. But I have a feeling that I've missed a short story or a novella or some sort of installment in the storyline somewhere.


I did not know that Sookie's missing cousin Hadley had #1 been found, #2 become a vampire, #3 been killed, or #4 whodunit. Those things are mentioned in the story as though we already knew them, which I didn't.


That small complaint didn't ruin my enjoyment of the book, I was just a bit puzzled.

I also read Dean Koontz's The Face. On the Odd Thomas Scale of Koontz Excellence, I rate this one a 6. It's convoluted, spooky, fun, tense, and as always, a saintly Golden Retreiver makes an appearance. If you like Koontz, I feel confident that you will like this one.

Side note- what is up with the size of some paperbacks? This one was unnaturally tall, and very thick. It was hard to read until I got about 100 pages into it and could break the spine a bit (it has over 600 pages). It's heavy and awkward to hold. wah wah wah.

And I did a little knitting- I'm making progress on the Is It Ugly or Not? Handspun Mitered Square Sweater. I still don't know the answer.


Kathy said...

No, it's not ugly because the colors are soft. I also really like the way the repeating ones repeat.

kathygeorge on Rav.

Mary Keenan said...

I don't think it's ugly either, but whatever you decide, I bet it's interesting to knit, waiting to see what comes out next!

Anonymous said...

WEll I must have missed the same thing, because I felt the same way about the Hadley story line.