Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carolina in my mind knew I was going to quote James Taylor sometime this weekend, right? Might as well get it out of the way right now.

Anyway, I had uneventful flights (well mostly, the sudden climb up through the clouds when we were not much more than treetop height approaching the Atlanta airport was unsettling, but it all came out okay). I am sad that we flew over clouds most of the way- this was all new country for me and I would like to have seen more of it.

That said, it's gorgeous around Atlanta- such a different geography from my usual haunts (The Plains and the West Coast)- so green and twisty. The mountains around Asheville ( 31 minute jaunt from Atlanta) are amazing, and the leaves are not at peak yet. I expected rain and drizzle and chilly and dressed accordingly. It's 70 and sunny and a bit sticky. I do hope this weather holds for the weekend, and Monday (when we plan to visit theBiltmore Estate).

I'm waiting for my sisters to arrive now, and we'll go eat (I don't care what the local time is- I've been up for 13 hours and I'm starved). I haven't taken any outdoor shots yet, but these magazines covers pretty much say it all...

Tomorrow, the wild rumpus begins...

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