Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make like a tree...

The ash trees didn't appreciate the sudden drop in temperature.

I snapped this shot next to the Post Office, on Thursday afternoon. The temp was about 43.

The same tree, Saturday evening, after two nights in the high teens.

It rained leaves, most of which gave up without bothering to turn.

At least it's warm inside, and knitting goes on even as the leaves drift down.

Molly, who took my All Day Fair Isle class at NCFF, and who popped by in Fargo, finished her hat. Isn't it gorgeous?

And I'm making progress on Voracious Knitter's sock. She chose the colors, which are knitting up differently than I'd envisioned.

P.S. Most of Friday's snow is gone, but we're slated for 2"-4" tonight. Welcome to Winter!


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Yep, winter is coming...sigh. Your student's hat is stunning but your pattern design is equally stunning! It's a gorgeous hat! I wish I could take your class!

Heather said...

Hey You!
And I'm hoping you've been able to dig out after the storms. I just heard on NPR yesterday that the upper Plains got covered. I, of course, think of SD immediately.

And, hey?
When I met you at SS09, you didn't tell me you were responsible for the new Homespun Handknit! I have the oooollllld one and have been foaming at the mouth for the new. I also have your Yarns to Dye for!
I bow before your awesome book-publishing abilities (and hope that showing deference means some of it will rub off on me).
Good to see your face here!
Heather @

kaykatrn said...

Wow!! That ash tree did quite a stunt, dropping all it's leaves like that. I'll bet the gardener liked it--only one day of picking up leaves instead of a couple of weeks.

I wish that I could take your fairisle class. I am too chicken to try it on my own. Lace--sure I'll try anything; cables, too. But don't ask me to use more than one yarn! I am such a klutz that I am sure it would come out in knots!

Happy Fall.

Kathleen Taylor said...

kate: that would be fun.I'm teaching it at SAFF if you can get to NC in 2 weeks

Heather: great to see you here! I still haven't tried podcasting, but I'm seriously considering it. I only have 1 project in the new Homespun Handknit book, but there are a bunch of patterns in it that I want to spin and knit.

kaykatrn: Fair Isle is easy peasy. Honest.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Kathleen, What is SAFF? Any chance you will be teaching at Stitches East this year? Hartford, CT is alot closer! lol I am SOOOO tempted...

Kathleen Taylor said...

Kate- SAFF is the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, held annually in Asheville, NC. This year, it's October 23-25, and I am a featured teacher. Here's a link:

I am so excited- it'll be my first visit to NC