Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh my

Remember when I was at the Sock Summit, and I was so busy and tired that I didn't have the energy to post? Well, SAFF is even moreso.

Today was amazing! Hundreds of vendors (yarn! spinning wheels! wool! felt! beads! soap!), many class rooms, fleeces, wonderful people... and a fair amount of exhaustion. I taught my *busiest* classes today- 2 dyeing classes, each with Genius Students who not only understood the process and project, but who finished early enough so that I had time to wander that amazing marketplace.
I have tons of class pictures, but no time to resize or upload- we're heading to the Fiber-In (people! knitters! spinners! yarn! wool! drinks! prizes!) in about 15 minutes. I should have time after the Fiber-In tonight, to post pics of the classes and the venue.

Tomorrow, I teach an all-day Fair Isle class, and I have a book signing. And every day-more marketplace.

It rained almost all day- in fact it was a downpour, but it was a gentle downpour, if you can imagine that (and those in the South very likely can). It was a sweet, soft, and warm rain. It doesn't rain like that in South Dakota. Especially in October.

So, if I can, I'll check in a little later with more pics.

In the meantime- my sister had yarn and needles put on her fingernails in my honor:

And here's some of that soft rain and some pretty trees:

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Jackie said...

I miss NC rain. The way the world turns a brighter shade of green just before... There's not green quite like it in SD. And I definitely know about the gentle soaking of the rains there. No bitter harsh winds, like here. I grew up near Charlotte. One day, we'll move back. I have faith.