Friday, October 16, 2009

Checking In

Sorry- I've been concentrating on getting ready for SAFF. I'll be leaving very early Thursday morning, and I still have one workshop to finish preparing for: the Writing Patterns for Publication lecture/class. I actually thought that since I've been doing this very thing for nigh on thirty years, that it would be a snap to put a couple of hours worth of talk/advice/guidance together. Silly me. It's coming along well, but I have another full day of work before I'll feel like I can put all of the workshops out of my head (for the interim, and only put each one back in when it's time to teach the class)(most of which- 5 of them!- are at capacity), and start thinking about packing. And the wonderful upcoming trip to North Carolina (which includes an After-SAFF visit to the Biltmore Estate).

Anyway, the soybeans look exactly like they did last week, and the week before, except they're even wetter. It snowed several days last week, and rained on the others. The snow has melted, but the field is far too soggy for harvesting equipment. Many of the trees dropped their leaves all sudden-like, and the rest are just starting to turn. It's cold and dreary and damp out there. No pretty picture ops today.

And the mitered square handspun sweater is either going to be surprisingly striking, or it's going to be the ugliest thing I've ever knitted. I'm not taking any bets. Or pictures. Yet. Maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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