Friday, October 9, 2009

The Field Report

Actually, it's more a Foliage Report. There's been no visible change in the soybeans, owing mostly to the 4" of rain we got last week, which delayed harvest. But it's 25 degrees out there this morning, and that'll speed the drying process. I just hope I'm home when they start combining, so I can get a picture.

But the leaves are changing. I drove around town yesterday to take pictures.

Our Cottonwood went vaguely yellow but is dropping its leaves pretty quickly.

The Ash trees are assuming their electric hue.

But their leaves are dropping quickly too.

Down in the park, which is pretty sheltered, a couple of red maples are hanging in there (they're rare this far north)

A few Sumacs grow in the park, along the bank of Turtle Creek.

And the pool said goodbye to summer. It'll stay like this all winter, half filled and soon to be frozen solid.

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kaykatrn said...

Thanks for the tour of your local trees! I love that some of them are turning and some of them are just dropping their leaves. Did it get cold too fast? We had a whole recycle barrel of leaves on Tuesday after the gardener was here. From 2 trees. My flowers are all gone, only leaves now. But 25 degrees? Thank God, not even close! Of course, we have not had a drop of rain, either. I keep hoping for El Nino to show up and drench us. Have a good weekend.