Saturday, October 17, 2009


...well... I still don't know. Either it'll be really interesting and striking (which is what toddlers want in their outerwear, dontchaknow), or it'll be really really awful. But if it's really awful, I can toss the finished sweater into the dyepot, so it'll be salvageable regardless. I'm rather curious to find out which way it's going to fall.

The most interesting thing is that the pattern calls for Size 2 needles and thinner yarn. I'm using Size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn (for the most part), and the pieces are coming out exactly the size listed in the pattern. Very strange.*

Mods: besides working the sleeves separately (which will involve some jockeying when it comes to the gussets), I am going to make the sleeves one row longer, and I'm going to add a border to the sleeves and hem (probably not ribbing, since there is no ribbing anywhere else on the piece). Otherwise, I'm working it to the pattern specs.

*I don't think the difference has anything to do with the pattern- people just knit differently.

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