Monday, October 12, 2009

Interestin' weather we're havin'

Okay, so last Friday's snow melted, though temps went back down below freezing almost immediately afterward, and the wind was sharp and nasty (truly, 35 degrees with a damp wind feels colder than -10 with no humidity). Then last night it started snowing again, and this morning we had 2"-3" of soft snow on the ground. It isn't unheard of to have snow this early, but it surely is unusual.

My granddaughter spent the day with me, so we romped outside for quite awhile, taking a nature walk down by the creek to watch the swimming geese, scouting out the deer trails, trying (but not quite succeeding) to force the dry snow into a snowman shape. The wind wasn't blowing and the air was drier, so it was pretty comfortable outside. After lunch and hot chocolate and doing cool things with our hair, we chanced to look outside again, and all of the snow had melted. I have no idea what tomorrow's weather will bring- maybe tulips and apple blossoms.

One thing is certain- the tomatoes are done.

In the meantime, I finished Voracious Knitter's first sock, and cast on the mate.

And my friend Melanie gave me this adorable little sheep scissors holder.

And I finished watching the latest mini-series version of Henry VIII. I think Ray Winstone is the best Henry yet- a very good mix of man/monarch/monster. Natalie Dormer is still my favorite Anne Boleyn, but Helena Bonham Carter did a creditible job. Outside of a few theatrical versions that I have yet to see (including the one with Scarlett Johannssen), I think I've worked my way through all of the available Tudor adaptations. Next up: some handspun, and Season 3 of my favorite serial killer.


Geek Knitter said...

There's been snow all over blogland today!

Stacy said...

Lots of snow going around, luckily not here!

kaykatrn said...

No water from the sky here yet, but it's less than 20 miles away.
Poor little tomato plant!

I love the scissors holder. Gave me a great idea. I have a little turtle from "Finding Nemo" that would not quite apply to knitting, but would work perfectly. I use a little pair of scissors like yours and am always losing them.

Hope the rest of the country is enjoying the snow!