Friday, October 30, 2009

The Field Report and FOs

I know I said I'd post more Biltmore pictures but today is Field Report day, and luckily, I got a pic of the soybean harvest. We've had almost 5" of rain this month, so things are very wet and mucky (from the air, every field I saw was flooded around the edges) but Dustin managed to get his beans in anyway. The elevators are full already, and things are going to be dicey when the local corn harvest begins.

It's also FO day

 I finished my sample hat from the All Day Fair Isle Class. I have learned that it is very good indeed, to have several samples on the tables during class, so this one will stay with the class supplies.

And Catherine, who actually finished knitting her hat in class, got the hem sewn up. I love the short-repeat variegated yarn in this pattern.

And Connie almost finished knitting her hat in class- she was slowed down by the fact that she had thumb-joint replacement surgery less than a month ago. If that's slow knitting, I can only imagine what she's like when she works full speed. Her hat is gorgeous too!

I finished Voracious Knitter's socks! I'll put them in the mail as soon as they dry.

And the worsted weight sample socks from the Short-Row Heel class. I'm keeping these for myself. BTW, the yarn is softly mottled and the color changes gradually thorough the skein (from very light beige to darker beige- sort of Ragg Wool colors), it's not bad lighting on my scanner.

These are mine, and my sister's Spiral Dyed Watermelon yarns from that class (I'm knitting fingerless gloves for Sister #3 from her skein). I will knit socks for myself from my skein- I have dyed this colorway many times, but have never kept any of the yarn. This time, I will.

This yarn came from Winter Mountain Fibers. Louann took both of my dyeing classes, and then sent these yarns home with us (theTennessee Iris purple is also for Sister #3, who wasn't up to knitting socks for herself, so I'll do it. The Cherries Jubilee is mine, all mine!) Check out Louann's beautiful yarns at her Etsy shop.

And we won these stitch markers from barknknit , who was one of the many people that I wanted to spend time with at SAFF, but managed not to find. I love these little markers.

Tomorrow- more pretty Biltmore pics. I promise.


CC said...

Kathleen, is your Fair Isle Hat pattern to be found in any of your books? Looks like a great hat.

tcty123 at yahoo dot com

Kathleen Taylor said...

CC- that pattern, worked with worsted weight yarn and size 5 needles, is currently only available with the All Day Fair Isle class. But an earlier version, using sportweight yarn and size 3 needles is a Freebie Friday pattern posted on the blog. I think it's called the Snowflake Hat- do a search and you'll find it.

Gnat said...

So glad you liked the stitch markers! I wish we could have spent some time together too! Next time! ;)