Friday, November 6, 2009

The Field Report, and other stuff

This is what the field looked like last week. But we've had some days with no rain, and nightly frosts, which helps the corn and soybeans to dry out, and the ground to firm up. Dustin hasn't been back to finish harvesting the field, but I suspect he'll get to it soon. In the meantime,

This is what the field looks like now

The combines take the beans and leave the husks and stems behind.

And the trucks leave trails along the roadside, which makes the birds fat and happy.

While watching some of this season's great new shows (V, Flashforward, Parks & Recreation- which, btw, had the funniest episode ever last night, Modern Family, Community), and the great old ones (The Office, 30 Rock, Dirty Jobs, Ghosthunters, Heroes)(yeah, I watch a lot of TV), I finished the first Ty Dy sock, and am past the heel on the mate. I'll probably finish the pair tonight.

I was very suprpised to find that there was a pattern repeat after all. I'm glad- I like matching socks.

And I finished Charlaine Harris's From Dead to Worse, and now have to decide whether to buy the hardback of Dead and Gone, or wait a year for the paperback. I want to know what happens next, so I think I know what my decision will be. And since I'm on a reading jag, I immediately started Grave Sight, from Charlaine's other current series, starring Harper Connelly. Except for having a supernatural power (finding dead bodies), Harper is as different from Sookie as can be, and the tone of these books is much darker and edgier.

 I'm enjoying this series too, and intend to find the other two installments that are currently available in paperback (and just in case anyone thought I was prolific- Charlaine has everyone beat- she writes two novels a year, every year. wow.).

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kaykatrn said...

I love the farm lesson. Especially the part about leaving some beans behind for the critters. I presume little furry critters like the soybeans, too. Or do raw soybeans make them have "tummy problems" like they do humans? Now there's a research project for me! It's my mother's fault--she taught me to ask questions!

I really like the socks. It is great that they match so nicely.

BTW--still no rain in my neck of the woods. Just thought I would whine! Kathy Sue.