Monday, November 16, 2009

Jumping the gun

Avert your eyes, all ye who bemoan Christmas in the stores before Thanksgiving...

It seems like I've been on the road a lot this year (mostly because I have been on the road a lot this year), and I'm heading out again soon. This time, it's pure fun. Next week, we're going to SoCal to spend Thanksgiving with Older Son, The Wonderful Genevieve, Voracious Reader, and Superhero Boy. I haven't seen them (except on video chat, which is wonderful) since July when they moved, and I am seriously excited about this jaunt. It is way past time for some Gramma Hugs.

So we're doing Thanksgiving here early (with the ones who aren't traveling), and in prep for that, I put our Christmas decorations up yesterday. I generally have my bric-a-brac out early, but this is early, even for me.

I've actually reduced the amount of stuff that I set out. There used to be a tree in every room. Now I just have the Snowman Tree (snowmen, snowflakes, snowbabies),

The Big Tree, which has our collection of Glass Eye Mt. St Helen's Ornaments, plus ornaments that were on my parents' first Christmas Tree, and all of the things we've collected over the years (including this wonderful Margarita Mermaid that was a gift from my friend Melanie),  and a Santa Tree (guess what goes on that one- go ahead, I dare you), which is not done yet. The SD Grandgirls will decorate it on Saturday.

I also set out my hand carved Santas, which are the closest thing to Art that I've ever produced (I haven't gotten a worthy picture of them- I'll keep trying).

Ho Ho Gobble Ho!


Mary Keenan said...

On the bright side, you get a nice long Christmas season with gorgeous trees and hand-carved Santas!

I like to wait till December 1, but there are a few decorations in the window here already, too ;^)

kaykatrn said...

Oh my. Thank you for sharing your Mt St Helens glass ornaments. I have looked for years (29 I guess!) for something made of that glass that I cold give my Mom. She and my Dad went through Washington on their way to Alaska a week after the eruption, and brought little vials of the ash home with them. She loved the green gems they were making out of it, but isn't much of a jewelry wearer. So, today, I searched for Glass eye, and found the perfect gift, a green ornament! Thanks again. And have a great time in SoCal. BTW--it's warm here. Kathy Sue.

Kathleen Taylor said...

kaykatrn- The Glass Eye is amazing! We've been collecting ornaments since the early 80's. They use new styles and molds every year, and they're all beautiful.