Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Tab- Golden Bride and Groom 1980, Part 2



Skye Shirley said...

Hi Ms. Taylor!

I am knitting my way through your sock book and LOVE it! It has been a perfect introduction to socks and I have made several beautiful pairs already. Thank you for compiling such a beautiful set of patterns!

I do have one question, however, that I'm afraid I can't figure out on my own. I'm knitting the "Toe Up Star Toe Worsted Weight Sock" on page 60 of your Big Sock Book... All was going well until on page I became so confused about (HTR). Is that a description for the action of purling the slipped stitch and the loop together? Or a separate stitch all together? Or does that mean "heel turn row one"? In that case why is it repeated with "work as HTR"?

I'm sorry to bug you with this but would you mind sending me an email at and helping me out?

Thanks for your time... and by the way, your sock book makes knitting look like so much fun that my boyfriend, for the first time asked me to teach him how to knit! He's still on scarves but is going to try your two-kneedle socks after. Thanks for including them in your book!


Kathleen Taylor said...

HTR 1 and HTR2 are the stitch and the row both. Working HTR1 means on the wrong side row, purl as many stitches as indicated and then work the slipped stitch and loop together. Working HTR2 means on the right side of the row, knit as many stitches as indicated, and then pick up and knit the stitch, etc. Each row on the heel turn section has a different number of stitches before the turn process. The Turning itself (HTR1 or HTR2) is the same no matter which row number, but you work one more stitch before performing the action each time. After you do a few short-row heels, you'll start to see where you work your turn stitches without counting (it's always around the gap in the stitches).

Does that help? If not, let me know, and I'll try to explain more fully.