Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The morning after the day before

You know how they say to check your flight times 24 hours in advance? They kinda sorta really actually mean it.

We fly out of Aberdeen when we can. It's more expensive than other airports within a 200 mile radius, but it's convenient for us, and the long-term parking is free. Aberdeen is a very small airport, with one gate. If you arrive an hour before your flight, there is still plenty of time to check in, hit the bathroom, make sure you have everything you need in your purse, and sit for 20 minutes before they open security (it's not open until just before departure) and then another 10 before boarding.

So yesterday morning, we decided to leave a bit early and eat breakfast in Aberdeen at one of the 24 hour places. But we got stuck behind the world's longest, slowest train, so we picked up a McMuffin and headed to the airport. As we drove up, I saw that people were already going through security. I rushed in while Husband parked the car and brought the carry-ons. The agent tersely told me that we were pushing it a bit. I showed her my ticket, which listed a 7:00am departure (it was then 6:05).

She said that departure was 6:30, and if we'd arrived a couple of minutes later, we would have been denied boarding!

So that sort of set my mood for the next several hours- deep anxiety over what didn't happen. However, we got on the proper plane, and all subsequent planes, and arrived at LAX just fine, and right on time.

And very very tired...

So, we're here, it's every bit as beautiful as everyone has said (I am certain that I recognize every bit of topography from some movie or other). The weather is gloriously mild. We ate take-out from a Mexican market (oh my lordy... wonderful stuff, and I remembered enough high school Spanish not to order anything with the word *cabeza* in it). And are settling in for a week of wonderfulness.

I'll take lots more pics, but in the meantime, here are some mountains and marshes around Salt Lake City.

And next Monday, I'll check Tuesday's departure times.(and I'll curse Travelocity, which sends out notices every other day about every other flight I book, but not for the one that actually changes)


MorningGlory said...

Funny, I don't travel much but I didn't realize a plane EVER left earlier than the ticket stated. That doesn't seem right, does it? BUT as I said, I am not a traveler.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Kathleen, its Jessica from the knitting group. So glad you made it to Cali. I have missed a flight before so I completely understand how it could get your nerves out of whack thinking you did almost miss your flight! Have fun!